About Us

Your Child is in Great Hands


Little Rising Star Preparatory Academy believes in Nurturing every child as they grow into a rising star. Our Programs are designed to offer a balance of hands on skill and developmentally appropriate activities. Our Teachers embrace each child as a unique individual with individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our mission is to install a love for learning in each and everyone of our children. Little Rising Star Children will learn, grow, and develop in a fun, safe and loving environment.

We are delighted that you have chosen Little Rising Star Preparatory Academy as a vital part of your family life. We are committed to providing you with the best care and making this transition as easy as possible for you and your family. We recognize the great trust you place with us when you leave your child/children in our care, and we work hard everyday to live up to that responsibility.

Our Program Goals:

*To Establish a lifelong love for learning

*To provide lifelong age appropriate development of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

*To develop high self-esteem and self-awareness by encouraging each child'd individual talents and abilities.

*To develop concepts about family, school, friends and the community.

*To encourage each child to play and work well with others and individually.

*To create a safe and secure environment where students fell supported and loved.

Health & Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and loving enviornment for your child to learn in. 

We are monitored by the health department to make sure we are always in compliance.